At Vistek Engineers we envisage a future for structural engineering – based on excellence in design and deep collaboration – that moves our industry forward to a low carbon and more sustainable model.

Our goal is to make this future happen.



Vistek Engineers provides structural engineering and primary civil design services to the residential and multi-residential construction sectors. The projects we help deliver vary from single residential works to townhouses and multi-storey apartments.

We are particularly skilled at high-end residential projects, where careful detailing and thoughtful design are critical to the project outcomes.

We also can bring significant experience in pre-fabricated construction approaches (Mass Timber/CLT, timber-frame, light-gauge steel and volumetric prefabrication). Pre-fabricated construction can help make multi-residential projects more cost effective, higher quality and more sustainable.

See: Ceres House, Bardolf Gardens and Barry Street

Vistek provides structural engineering services to commercial projects of all scales. 

We have a long history of supporting fit-outs and rebranding works for national organisations with multiple sites across the country.

We also provide structural design services to retail, storage, warehousing and office structures.

Our passion to introduce more sustainable construction approaches into this sector means that we can also help deliver new approaches. For example, Mass Timber can be used successfully for projects such as Glulam/CLT post-and-beam office structures and CLT based warehouses.

Vistek provides structural engineering services to institutional/education projects for both conventional and Mass Timber/CLT construction approaches.

This covers large scale civic projects, child care centres, secondary/tertiary education and other community-focused projects.

See: Nunawading Community Hub and Oakleigh Childcare Centre

Vistek provides advisory support for product compliance to national standards and data/technical literature for innovative structural products.

We have delivered this service to areas such as domestic solar products, mechanical lifting equipment and Mass Timber technical literature.

See: Solar

Vistek is widely recognised as one of the leading firms in Australia for the design of Mass Timber/CLT structures. We work at all scales of projects, having designed some of the country’s largest (55 Southbank) and smallest (Yardstix – Tiny House) projects.

We have worked with both local suppliers (XLAM, CLTP, VicBeam and Hyne) and international suppliers (KLH and Stora Enso).

Our work in Mass Timber/CLT brings together our two key passions – excellent design and sustainability.

Click here for information on our Mass Timber services.

For over 20 years Vistek Engineers has delivered landmark art installation projects and supported thousands of signage and fit-out projects. We certify work across Australia, providing a one-stop shop for national roll-outs and touring exhibitions.

Our strength as structural engineers in detailed design has allowed us to drive innovation in this sector. We have introduced new connection detailing and materials, and made existing designs more efficient and user friendly. These changes have resulted in better aesthetic outcomes, safer installs, and a more sustainable use of resources.

Click here for more information on our Signage, Art Installation and Fit-Out services.





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