Vistek was thrilled to attend and contribute to The Fifth Estate’s virtual symposium earlier this week. The event, Building Circularity: Why our Renaissance needs to be a perfect circle, investigated what the best architects and engineers around the world are doing to reduce embodied carbon and waste in the built environment. Conserving and reusing materials was at the forefront of the discussion. The speakers explored ways to create an efficient circular economy in the building industry.

Vistek’s General Manager Robbie Svars took part as a panelist in a discussion about emerging sustainable materials. He talked about Mass Timber’s role in the circular economy, bringing insight into its potential future impacts in Australia. For example, how Mass Timber not only reduces embodied carbon, but can also create projects with far less waste that are easier to manage in a sustainable way at end-of-life.

Foster + Partners provided a fantastic overview of how they put sustainability first in their design of the Circular Quay Tower. Throughout the project, they ensured sustainability drove everything from the primary structure to the façade systems.

David Chandler OAM, NSW Building Commissioner, also spoke. Chandler highlighted how poor building and design practices are a key driver of waste on projects. He noted that this leads to excessive use of materials and repairs, which only drives more waste to landfills.

These speakers, and others throughout the day, gave insight into the urgency for change in the industry. They also showed the enormous potential for positive improvement. It was great to be among so many like-minded professionals and to explore the future of building in Australia.