The places we live, work and play in are increasingly being reimagined to create engaging experiences that provide a sense of community and wonder.

Vistek have been at the forefront of the movement towards interactive and branded environments through signage, art installations, and fit-outs. We have partnered with artists, installers and designers on everything from national rebrands to temporary artworks.



Vistek’s experience in DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) has allowed us to develop engineering approaches that dramatically reduce the costs involved in sign construction and branding roll-outs. Similar advancements have been achieved using our advanced knowledge of material capabilities. 

This field of engineering requires a thorough understanding of uncommon materials such as acrylics, aluminium and vinyl flex-face. Vistek have extensive knowledge of the behaviour of these materials through both collection of third party data and in-house research. We can therefore confidently design fit-for-purpose structures.


Signage, Art Installations and Fit-Outs often move across state borders, and certification requirements can vary. Vistek can work and certify across the nation, and we are also able to collaborate at distance. This means that we can support your project, wherever it is.

We have supported national rebrands requiring upgrades to hundreds of sites for brands such as ANZ, Viva/Shell, BP and Honda. 

Likewise, our support for the creative industries has seen us help deliver touring projects across Australia. Locations have included Hobart’s Dark MOFO, The Melbourne Festival, and the Bendigo Art Gallery.


Signage, roll-out and branding designers and installers often have specialised processes and workflows. This type of work is therefore highly suited to our Engineering On Demand (EOD) services.

EOD allows us to tailor our service to individual clients to best suit their service delivery needs. For instance, we offer single point of contact service, online collaboration platforms and real-time reporting on key metrics for projects. Above all, we listen to our clients’ needs and develop systems that work for them.

For more information on the EOD support available please contact our office.