Oval Hotel, Adelaide

Oval Hotel is an iconic and unique structure in Adelaide, South Australia, delivered by Built Environs. The build integrates a new Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) structure into the eastern façade of Adelaide Oval, wrapping around the existing building. Vistek collaborated on the structural design of the timber with the CLT suppliers, XLam Australia.

With 138 rooms over 5 stories, Oval Hotel is a substantial construction. Two wings branch out from a central reception pod above the East Gate. The build follows the proportions of the existing building, hugging the outer shape. Therefore, the new the build does not encroach on the surrounding parkland or public spaces.

The project team was able to deliver the build in just over 12 months by using a prefabricated CLT structure. The accelerated time-frame of CLT helped the team successfully navigate the challenging circumstances of covid-19 restrictions. The project was delivered with no significant time lost.

Oval Hotel opened for bookings on 25th September 2020. With a beautiful wood and glass façade, and stunning views inside, it is an iconic addition to central Adelaide.

Oval Hotel Construction Timelapse