CLT House

CLT House, designed by FMD Architects, purposefully champions the aesthetic and structural possibilities of Mass Timber.

The design added a two storey Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) building to an existing house and gardens. The architects formed the design around using Mass Timber from the project’s inception and an ambitious CLT bridge connects the spaces. 

CLT allowed for the wide span of the timber bridge, which serves as a living and work space as well as a passage through the building. The design leaves the surface, structure, and screw connections exposed. In doing this it highlights the simple beauty of the precisely crafted timber and joins.

A sawtooth roof gives the house a striking profile as well as supporting a solar panel array.

FMD Architects, the builders, the CLT suppliers (Stora Enso) and Vistek Engineers worked closely together to realise this inventive use of a Mass Timber sustainable construction system.

Images courtesy of FMD Architects and photographer Dianna Snape.