C6 South Perth – Grange Developments

C6 – Hybrid Mass Timber Tower

(All images courtesy of Fraser & Partners).

Located at 6 Charles Street South Perth, C6 is a stunning new residential development (designed by Fraser & Partners) that also seeks to be an inspiration to the the Australian construction market.

The client, Grange Developments, led by Managing Director James Dibble, have set the design team the challenge of leveraging off modern mass timber technologies to deliver a project that dramatically reduces the building’s embodied carbon whilst still achieving the architectural and commercial outcomes of a modern apartment tower.

In delivering this project Dibble hopes to inspire the broader construction industry.

“The built environment is one of the three major drivers of catastrophic climate change, alongside transport and agriculture,” Dibble said.

“With promising technological advances in both the transport and agriculture industries now working towards drastically reducing global carbon footprints, the property industry is lagging dangerously behind.”

The project promises to an evolutionary step in construction utilising hybrid timber technologies (combining conventional construction materials with prefabricated mass timber) to help mitigate carbon emissions through the construction process.

Project Data (Approx. Based on Preliminary Design)

Volume of mass timber: 7,400 m3

Percentage of structural volume replaced with timber: 40%

Equivalent CO2 sequestered: 4070 tonnes (assumes 550 kg per m3)

C6 CLT Mass Timber Hybrid Apartment