Technical Sessions to Help Your Team Move Forward With Mass Timber and CLT

Get Started with Mass Timber/CLT

Vistek is offering personalised, live, one hour technical sessions on designing and building with Mass Timber and CLT.

We want to take this opportunity to share our expertise and help you move forward with Mass Timber.

We will go beyond the basics and explain key issues that will help you get your start in this area of construction.

Our presentations will adapt to give you information relevant to your organisation and to any level of experience with Mass Timber, and also incorporate projects or concepts you may already have in mind.

Purpose and Connection

People passionate about building smarter and more sustainably can connect with others who share their vision for how construction needs to move forward.

Not only is this an opportunity to skill up your team and expose them to one of the key developments in our construction industry, it is also a great way to provide purpose and direction so that we can all get something positive out of this time of self-isolation.

So we are calling this Project Seed… we want to use this time to get something started.

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  • A great introduction to Mass Timber construction provided in a one hour webinar technical session.

  • 30min presentation, 30min Q&A – plenty of time to address your key questions.

  • Up to 8 attendees – a focused webinar environment that allows everyone to be engaged.

  • For all areas of the construction industry – builders, contractors, architects, building designers, project managers – our presenters’ experience goes far beyond the “silo” of engineering and they are keen to share the knowledge that you will need to get started in Mass Timber.

  • Tailored to you – let us know more about your organisation and even provide us with live projects and concepts. We will incorporate all this into the webinar.

  • Delivered by some of Australia’s most experienced Mass Timber engineers – Australian and European delivered projects, from inner-city residential add-ons to some of Australia’s largest Mass timber projects – learn with presenters who have had a deep exposure to the whole process of delivering a Mass Timber project.


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Jeremy Church (Associate – Structural Engineer, Vistek)

Jeremy is a Structural Engineer with over 14 years of experience and is a key member of Vistek’s Mass Timber division. Before joining Vistek he was part of the team that set up XLAM (Australia’s largest CLT manufacturer). He brings with him a unique set of skills and insights into how Mass Timber projects work.

Jeremy has an understanding of how all the aspects of Mass Timber come together in a project – manufacturing, logistics, structural design, moisture control, fire testing, acoustic design and installation – making him the ideal presenter to reach out across disciplines to further advance the understanding of Mass Timber in the local construction industry.

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Nathan Benbow (Associate – Structural Engineer, Vistek)

For the past 5 years Nathan has been at the forefront of Mass timber in Australia. He lead the structural design on such landmark projects as 55 Southbank and Ceres House.

Working on such challenging projects has given Nathan a great insight into how to best execute the design process to set up the rest of the build for success. Nathan is highly sought out as a speaker having presented both in Australia (Frame Australia, Woodsolutions) and internationally (Innesbruck 25th International Wood Construction Conference IHF2019).


  • Are my projects right for Mass Timber?
  • The benefits of Mass Timber and how it can deliver genuine project savings.
  • Supply – local or European?
  • How to develop a true cost/benefit analysis vs conventional building.
  • De-risking your project – what are the traps that will cost you money.
  • How to bring together a Mass Timber project team that will help you succeed.
  • How to navigate council and regulatory approvals.


  • Good detailing practices – manage issues such as moisture and durability.
  • Tips on designing efficiently – integrate manufacturing and logistic issues with good design.
  • Acoustic Performance – what do I need to know?
  • Fire Performance – what are the issues that I need to address?
  • Common design challenges – how does Mass Timber work for elements such as balconies and wet areas?
  • Best practice on managing building services in a Mass timber design.


  • What skills do I need to execute a Mass Timber project?
  • Insights for when tendering on a Mass Timber supply contract.
  • Get a commercial advantage by managing installations better.
  • How do I choose the right supplier?
  • What are the key cost drivers?
  • How do I manage site issues for a project?
  • Manage delivery/logistics issues to ensure you have a smooth install execution.


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            • The main reason for your interest in Mass Timber.
            • Any specific projects or questions you have in mind.

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