The iconic Geelong floating Christmas tree is back on show for the start of a new festive season. Our team at Vistek worked closely with Creative Production Services (CPS) on the design. The tree’s original debut was in 2014. We have greatly enjoyed being part of such an uplifting, community-centered project.

The original project required us to keep to a tight budget and, of course, a strict deadline (Christmas!). In addition, the project held several unique challenges.

Firstly, CPS designed the tree to float on a barge on the waterfront. The 25m high structure is therefore quite exposed, and constantly moving.

Secondly, the project was planned to be constructed out of modular components. As such, the city can easily dismantle and reassemble the tree. It can be stored at the end of every holiday season. This made for more unique design considerations. However, as a result, the tree was not just a once-off to be disposed of after the holidays were over. The Geelong floating Christmas tree has been able to return year after year. It is kept fresh and engaging with different decorative elements and light shows each time. This has enabled it to become extremely cost effective for such a spectacular feature.

If you’re in the area, we highly recommend going to have a look. However, there’s always next year. This versatile Christmas tree is currently expected to be in use until early 2024.

Get in touch if you’d like to here more about this project or our work in general. See more art installations we have worked on in our news feed.

Christmas tree sculpture being installed by crane onto a floating platform in Geelong