We are pleased to share some details on an exciting project Vistek has recently engineered. This pioneering building will be the first in the country to be built completely out of Australian CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). CLT has been trickling into the Australian market for some time. Until now, it has always had to be supplied from overseas. However, increased demand has seen XLam (a New Zealand based company) recently opening an Australian plant in Wodonga. Importantly, this will mean less transportation needed for Australian CLT projects. In addition, there will be more on-the-spot supplier support available for Australian projects.

This coastal retreat will be the very first CLT project to be delivered from XLam’s Australian plant. Vistek is very proud to be working on such a small but significant project. We are currently involved in several CLT builds, but this is the first to come to fruition. Vistek collaborated on this project with the local Emma Mitchell Architects as well as XLam. This project looks to be the beginning of a trend in coastal building, as well as in homegrown CLT.

The building is now completed and the clients have given great feedback. They are thrilled with their new coastal retreat.

All photographs courtesy of the Vistek team.