At Vistek, we emphasize creative solutions to engineering problems. As such, we have a specialization in creative engineering for art and installations. These works are highly individual and therefore require bespoke design.

Creative Production Services recently brought us another unique project for structural engineering. The installation, 1000 Doors, has just opened as part of Melbourne International Arts Festival. Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney are the creatives behind the work. This duo was also behind last year’s popular House of Mirrors, engineered by Vistek.

1000 Doors is a labyrinth of doors, windows, and portals. You walk through the work, experiencing the different sensations in each space and wondering what’s behind the next door. The installation is expected to receive huge numbers of visitors. It will tour nationally, and perhaps internationally, after the festival.

Of course, engineering such a large structure so it can easily be dismantled and sent to a new location safely has its own complications. However, we always enjoy working on new and challenging projects. Especially when they end up looking as good as this.

We highly recommend visiting if you are in Melbourne between the 2nd to 21st of October. If not, make sure to an keep eye out in case it tours to a city near you.

See past projects we have worked on with Creative Production Services – for example, House of Mirrors and Geelong’s floating Christmas tree.

Art installation engineered by Vistek in front of Melbourne's Arts Centre
Exterior of '1000 Doors' installation in the Arts Centre forecourt
1000 doors - Art installation engineered by Vistek
Stairway viewed through doorways in interior of '1000 Doors' installation

Images courtesy of Creative Production Services.