This is a great time-lapse clip of one of our earlier CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) projects, an Australian CLT house installed last year in 2016.

The CLT (XLam) was erected in 5 days. The footings (Surefoot) required no concrete or excavation. They were installed in 1 day.

If you are an owner/builder, using this approach can be a great way to get into your new house very quickly. With a bit of planning, the envelope of the house can be finished within a week. CLT can also make doing the internal fit-out work much easier.

Careful detailing with the CLT can also allow you to leave it exposed (or finished with a light wash), reducing the need plastering – especially for ceilings.

The finished building has great sustainability credentials. The timber sequesters carbon, and the tightly sealed envelope helps reduce the energy required to heat and cool the house.

Your neighbours will also love you for getting the build finished so quickly and quietly. The loudest noise on site is a power drill.

Big thanks to a great Client for the chance to work on this great Australian CLT house, and to XLam and Surefoot for their collaboration. For more about our experiences with this project and the lessons we learned, see here.