Vistek Structural Engineers was founded by Dr Valdis Svars. He has cultivated an ethos of design excellence that sits at the heart of everything we do.

It drives us to continually challenge the status quo and is fundamental to helping our clients deliver amazing projects.


Vistek works on projects that cut across differing complexities, industries and scale. We are registered to certify structures in all Australian states and territories.

We are highly proficient in delivering engineering design for conventional construction approaches such as steel and concrete. Our passion for sustainability has also led us to embrace Mass Timber as an alternative approach to construction. Mass Timber can deliver commercially competitive and high quality buildings that have the added benefit of sequestering carbon.

Our focus is on developing deep relationships with our clients. This is what allows us to bring genuine value to their businesses.

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List of Vistek structural engineers accreditations: Engineers Australia, National Engineering Register, Registered Professional Engineers of Professionals Australia, VBC Registered Building Practitioner, registered certifying engineers Australia wide


To embrace the new landscape of sustainable/low-carbon construction, issues such as site waste, pre-fabrication, build-ability and safety-in-design must all be addressed. That means that now, more than ever, design matters.

Vistek holds firm against a trend in engineering that has seen it drift into a commodity service. In contrast, we focus on a wholistic approach to design, and a passion for getting the details right. We remain committed to developing a team that engages deeply with their projects and with the broader profession.

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Vistek on site of CLT building under construction with temporary propping visible at 55 Southbank Blvd Melbourne


Vistek recognises that our role as structural engineers goes beyond engineering. We therefore aim to support the broader construction industry to make the transition to a more sustainable mode.

This sees us being advocates for Mass Timber technologies and DfMA approaches to construction. We work with industry bodies such as WoodSolutions, and provide our own pro-bono technical sessions to organisations across the whole construction sector, to educate those who have a passion for building smarter and more sustainably on the pathway forward. 

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Arial view of two cranes lifting Glulam beams into place during construction


Our technical capabilities are only as good as our ability to listen and respond to our clients. 

Our commitment to collaboration has seen us explore new service delivery structures and technologies to best suit our clients. This has led us to develop what we call Engineering On Demand (EOD). EOD allows us to tailor our service to individual clients. For instance, we offer single point of contact service, online collaboration platforms and real-time reporting on key metrics for projects. Above all, we ensure we listen to our clients’ needs and develop systems that work for them.

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